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OH YEAH I’m on vacation r/n so I won’t be uploading any art o//o

Anyways me & my sis are going to watch a movie then go to sleep so good night! ^u^

I’m in SC to visit some cousins and while we were at their campground they had karaoke going on so me and my little cousin Holly go and pick a song and she seriously wanted to sing ‘I hate everything about you’ and ‘The beautiful people by MM’ I almost went along with it but I was to scared so we picked Hey there Delilah and Fancy but like I promised her we’d sing those songs next time I was at her campground \o/





i dont need a boyfriend i need 12 million dollars and a donut 

12 million dollars can be used to obtain many donuts.

explain how

money can be exchanged for goods and services



You are so used to your features, you don’t know how beautiful you look to a stranger.

I can’t believe I’m even more beautiful than I think I am this is incredible where’s my modeling contract


here’s a bunch of sketches i did for fans at comic con 2014

white person: how do you say my name in your language??
me: pendejo


First of all, thank you very much ! Merci beaucoup ^u^

Never excepted so much likes on the legend of Zelda : Feather Time, so I tried to see if it works with some games …. now I think I can see birds and pigeons on everything ! Imagine these epic games only with pigeons and turtle doves !

I’ll call this idea: Story-bird ! 

If you could choose only one game on the list, which one would you choose ? :p 

Floridian girl,
I like comics, manga, anime, all the works and what not.
I will occasionally upload a comic, I'm actually working on one r/n.
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